A recipient of the 2020-21 Royal Geographic Society-IBG scholarship, Michael Ade-Kunle has a profound admiration for education and is currently pursuing his PGCE in Secondary Geography at UCL. 

To Michael, Geography is one of the most critical subjects in helping young people understand the complexities of the world which they are about to inherit. It has a valuable role to play in developing responsible citizens, especially in relation to sustainable development. To this end, Geography not only helps pupils understand the savage power of earthquakes, famines, and tsunamis but also the challenges in coping with the aftermath.

Enthusiasts, like Michael, also understand Geography’s unique ability to integrate learning across disciplines – bridging the gap between science, humanities and arts like no other subject can.

Before his PGCE, Michael had a successful editorial and marketing career. He worked across multiple industries including political affairs, business analysis, and technology. 

He also holds an MSc in History of International Relations from LSE, and a BA(Hons) Human Geography from Staffordshire University. 



You can get in touch by messaging with Michael on LinkedIn.

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