From crafting content to project management, I have extensive experience as a Digital Content Editor. In several organisations, I’ve played a crucial role in generating ideas, and writing and editing a diverse range of story types including; digital & tech, fashion, sustainability, legal, public policy, academic and international development.

A passion for writing makes me equally comfortable proofreading or developing content strategies. My repertoire includes content creation, website management and SEO optimisation.

Whatever the project – from content writing to website management to creating newsletters or conducting market research – it will be true to your tone of voice and the culture of your business.

My Editing Services Include:

  • Project management: Guiding a project through from initial conception to final product.
  • Web design and formatting: Format editing is an absolute necessity for any website.
  • Developmental/Structure editing: Developing looks at the overall structure and content of your document or book and considers how best to make improvements. Instead of  corrections to spelling and grammar, a developmental edit focuses on giving you feedback so you can make the changes (depending on the project I’ll also be happy to make the suggested edits).
  • Copy editing: Editing for clarity by paying attention to things like voice, language, syntax, sentence structure, and word choice, all with the intended audience in mind. While a structural edit looks at the book as a whole, a copy edit looks at paragraphs and sentences.
  • Sub editing: Editing for issues of grammar, spelling, consistency of style and information.
  • Proofreading: Proofreading digital and printed (or pdf converted) content; including web pages, as well as finished manuscripts (both fiction and nonfiction).
  • Fact checking: Taking note of all the factual references in your book, then carefully confirm them via external sources
  • Research: Collecting research for writers to turn into prose; interviewing people of interest; producing reports and exploring new developments in a variety of fields and areas (my research experience includes business, sustainability, legal, public policy, academic, politics, international development and more).



My fascination with documentary journalism began at a young age. However, it wasn’t until I began studying History that my passion of photography began to take hold.

While researching China’s Cold War history, I came across the “Tank man” photo. The image was captured by Charlie Cole during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.


I had seen this photo before, but never in the context of historical research. It demonstrates a photographer’s ability to document moments and tell stories that may have otherwise gone untold…what a powerful tool we have at our disposal.

Please get in contact for collaborations or commissions. I’m currently based in London, UK.



You can get in touch at madekunle93@outlook.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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